Anyone Can Get On The Bus (2019)

Shot on 16 mm film and digitally animated, this film invites the audience into a bus rider’s generative train of thought. Layers of improvised monologue, song, and candid audio of the artist’s friends create an immersive experience of passengership.

Skelly Phenakistoscope (2019)

Phenakistoscopes are a very early form of animation. This one is made from black pen on paper. A rod is stuck through the paper, and it is spun while you look through the rectangular slats into a mirror. (You can see the little rips in the center where I shoved a pencil through.) When you focus on one section, you can see the skeleton fall apart and put himself back together. Soften your eyes and look at the whole thing, and the bones form a wave.

Your Very Flesh Shall Be A Great Poem (2019)

The first thing I ever shot on film. I regret that now, because the black & white makes it more difficult to see the body form the words from the preface to Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass: “your very flesh shall be a great poem.” In the background is Mount Holyoke’s chapel and library.

Do You Wonder Where I Live? (2019)

Drawn with markers and animated on a downshooter, this film was my experimentation with multi-channel animation. I hope to do more stop-motion in the future.

Click through here to see visual development for a larger animation project I’m working on!